Your visibility through our Association’s actions and website is an economical and effective marketing strategy that will enable you to reach and inform a wide audience of companies, freelancers and individuals about the services or products you offer.

Your promotion through a banner on the ICF Greece website guarantees your targeted promotion to your common goal – our website receives daily a large number of visitors from almost all sectors of the Greek Market as well as from abroad.

Every year, ICF Greece organizes, with the participation of distinguished speakers from Greece and abroad, events that aim to inform and educate the Greek and Foreign Labor Market about the benefits of coaching for businesses and professionals. In addition, ICF Greece supports third-party organizations with its actions by offering volunteer coaching hours. Your participation through sponsorships in the Association’s events/activities can offer you multiple benefits depending on the sponsorship package you choose.

Give your business the boost it needs!

For more information, you can contact the sponsorship committee at sponsorship@icfgreece.org

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