Vision – Values ​​- Goals

The ICF Greece Chapter was founded in 2013 as a non-profit association by a group of pioneer coaches in Greece. It represents the largest and oldest global organization of coaching professionals, International Coaching Federation (ICF) – International Coaching Federation that lists 50.000 coaches – members in 140 chapters / 75+ countries! America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Australia.

ICF is globally recognized as the gold standard in professional coaching, certification and accreditation.

Our vision is identical to the vision of our international organization which is to develop and promote the science, art and practice of professional coaching in the service of the well-being of people and society.

As a local organization we wish to be the most reliable and dynamic reference center for coaching in Greece, serving the local coaching community and society, based on five important pillars:

Progress: The progress of the coaching profession

Development: The personal and professional development of our members and clients

Sustainability: The sustainability of our chapter


  • among all Greek coaches
  • between the members of the ICF Greece Chapter and the global coaching community
  • between members and the local community and the market

Contribution: to our profession, to humanity, to society, and to each other.

Our values ​​that define our behavior and the identity of the professional ICF Coach are:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Respect

Our responsibility

We have taken the responsibility to provide our members with a stable framework that will be a safe background for them to be able to develop and offer with scientific excellence and validity the benefits of coaching to more and more people. This framework is the clear definition of the coaching profession and the identity of the professional Coach, based on the ICF core competencies, the ICF code of ethics and the rules of the International Coaching Federation. Following, the correct application in practice of the science and art of coaching, the accreditations, the research, the support of the new professional coaches, the continuous challenge of the more experienced ones, the establishment of our profession in the Greek market. In addition, in order to ensuring the above framework, as a Greek association, we inform and educate the wider community and market.

We create, design the opportunities for Greeks to learn about the benefits of coaching, to protect themselves from other references to it (which is not coaching but something else) and finally to trust our members as fellow travelers on their journey to achieve their goals and the change.

To this end, we wish to ensure in Greek society a quality of human presence in the capacity of a Coach(professional identity- profile)that will be able to become the catalyst of this change and a bridge of connection with the Socratic approach to the “good life” and eudemia (happiness).

We pursue excellence which, according to Aristotle, includes wisdom (that is, the necessary knowledge and its practice) and virtue (that is, morality and balance).

We dream that our coaches-members will be the catalysts of change and progress towards a better world with wisdom, virtue and vision.

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